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Chapter 5. Social Determinants of Health

What landmark investigation helped to focus attention on the role of social factors in determining health status?

A. The Framingham Study

B. The Whitehall Study

C. The British Doctors Study

D. The Nurses’ Health Study

Which of the following aspects of poverty is likely to contribute to health status?

A. Food security

B. Transportation

C. Adequate housing

D. All of the above

Population level health status has improved during the past century principally because of

A. a decline in cigarette smoking.

B. advances in pharmaceutical treatments.

C. enhanced social and economic resources.

D. improved management of acute care hospitalizations.

Psychological self-perception is thought to impact health through

A. stress from perceived inequalities.

B. loss of trust and social connections.

C. both A and B.

D. neither A nor B.

Social inequities during which of the following phases of life have the greatest impact on health outcomes?

A. The early childhood years

B. The adolescent years

C. The young adult years

D. The older adult years

What aspects of employment likely contribute to health status?

A. Poor working conditions

B. Temporary work

C. Lack of worker control

D. All of the above

Which of the following is NOT typically considered a social determinant of health?

A. Education

B. Social drinking

C. Transportation

D. Housing

Which of the following groups of workers is likely to have the lowest mortality rate?


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