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Chapter 11. Toxic Responses of the Blood

Which of the following statements is FALSE regarding true anemia?

a. Alterations of the mean corpuscular volume are characteristic of anemia.

b. Increased destruction of erythrocytes can lead to anemia.

c. Decreased production of erythrocytes is not a common cause of anemia because the bone marrow is continuously renewing the red blood cell pool.

d. Reticulocytes will live for a longer period of time in the peripheral blood when a person is anemic.

e. The main parameters in diagnosing anemia are RBC count, hemoglobin concentration, and hematocrit.

Which of the following types of anemia is properly paired with its cause?

a. iron deficiency anemia—blood loss.

b. sideroblastic anemia—vitamin B12 deficiency.

c. megaloblastic anemia—folate supplementation.

d. aplastic anemia—ethanol.

e. megaloblastic anemia—lead poisoning.

The inability to synthesize the porphyrin ring of hemoglobin will most likely result in which of the following?

a. iron deficiency anemia.

b. improper RBC mitosis.

c. inability to synthesize thymidine.

d. accumulation of iron within erythroblasts.

e. bone marrow hypoplasia.

Which of the following will cause a right shift in the oxygen dissociation curve?

a. increased pH.

b. decreased carbon dioxide concentration.

c. decreased body temperature.

d. increased 2,3-BPG concentration.

e. fetal hemoglobin.

All of the following statements regarding erythrocytes are true EXCEPT:

a. Aged erythrocytes are removed by the liver, where the iron is recycled.

b. Erythrocytes have a life span of approximately 120 days.

c. Red blood cells generally lose their nuclei before entering the circulation.

d. Reticulocytes are immature RBCs that still have a little RNA.

e. Persons with anemia have a higher than normal reticulocyte:erythrocyte ratio.

All of the following statements regarding oxidative hemolysis are true EXCEPT:

a. Reactive oxygen species are commonly generated by RBC metabolism.

b. Superoxide dismutase and ...

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