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We are deeply grateful to a number of people who played a significant role in the development of this book. We express a warm thank you to Monica Vetter, our Department Chair, for her unwavering support of education. We thank the excellent team assembled by McGraw-Hill Medical Publishing to produce this textbook, including Michael Weitz, for his dedication, assistance, vision, leadership, and friendship through the completion of this title; Susan Kelly, for her eagle eye as an editor and her words of encouragement and wisdom during the past few years on this project; Brian Kearns, Karen Davis, and John Williams for their support; and Matt Chansky for his care and attention in creating the images for this title. We thank our families for their infinite patience and unwavering support, without which this book would never have been possible. We owe special thanks to Dr. Walter Stevens, Jr. (December 6, 1933–July 15, 2004), who created the medical histology course at the University of Utah School of Medicine that brought the three of us, as coauthors, together to form the basis of this textbook. This project was a true collaboration.



Aspen Shadows, Boulder Mountain, Utah




Mouth of Indian Creek, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Utah


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