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Pathogenic Viruses

Which one of the following contains lipid in its virion?

A. Adenovirus

B. Parvovirus

C. Picornavirus

D. Rhinovirus

E. Retrovirus

A 30-year-old man has had fever and a sore throat for a week. On examination he has bilateral cervical lymphadenopathy. Which of the following is least likely to cause these clinical findings?

A. Epstein-Barr virus

B. Varicella-zoster virus

C. Coxsackie A virus

D. Adenovirus

E. Parainfluenza virus

Which one of the following is true regarding temperate viruses? Temperate viruses:

A. Undergo both productive and nonproductive infections and only establish latent infections

B. Lead to a productive infection called lytic infection

C. Undergo both productive and nonproductive infections and can establish both latent and lytic infections

D. Enter the cells and persist indefinitely with no virus production, called nonproductive responses

Which one of the following is true concerning viral capsids?

A. Viruses acquire host proteins as their capsids

B. Capsids are virus-specific proteins, which protect their genome and provide shape to viruses

C. Capsid protein subunits form a helix with the core proteins to mainly provide helical symmetry

D. Capsids are lipid bilayer membranes containing proteins and/or glycoproteins

A young man has returned from a short trip to Mexico where he was bitten by a dog. Eight weeks after returning he developed excessive salivation, aversion to drinking water, and hallucinations and died in cardiac arrest. Which of the following measures might have prevented this death if implemented upon his return?

A. Interleukin 2 infusions

B. Acyclovir prophylaxis

C. Specific vaccine administration

D. Gamma globulin therapy

E. Ciprofloxacin prophylaxis

Which one of the following statements is true regarding the interaction of viruses and cell surface receptors?

A. When receptor sites ...

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