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DRGdorsal respiratory group
ERVexpiratory reserve volume
FEF25%–75%forced expiratory flow between 25% and 75% of the forced vital capacity
FEV1forced expiratory volume in 1 second
Image not available.fractional concentration of inspired oxygen
FRCfunctional residual capacity
FVCforced vital capacity
HbAadult hemoglobin
HbFfetal hemoglobin
Image not available.plasma bicarbonate
ICinspiratory capacity
IRVinspiratory reserve volume
MPAPmean pulmonary artery pressure
MLAPmean left atrial pressure
MVVmaximum voluntary ventilation
MWmolecular weight
PBFpulmonary blood flow
PEEPpositive end-expiratory pressure
PEFpeak expiratory flow
PVRpulmonary vascular resistance
RVresidual volume
SVRsystemic vascular resistance
TLCtotal lung capacity
Image not available.alveolar ventilation
Image not available.ventilation-perfusion ratio
VCvital capacity
VD/VTratio of dead space to tidal volume
VRGventral respiratory group
VTtidal volume
Image not available.oxygen consumption
Image not available.carbon dioxide production

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