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About Search

A basic search remains available from the search bar at the top of the site. After executing a search, you may use the query builder on the left side of the results page to modify and add terms to your search. You also have the option to search by title, author, or ISBN of a resource instead of keyword by using the drop down in the query builder.

The default search results now display all formats of content in one set. This includes textbook content, quick reference resources, cases, images, and multimedia all together in a mixed result view. The returned search results will highlight each instance of your search term, as well as identify the resource, or display additional information. 

Filters are available to quickly narrow your search results by format, resource title, or topic. Search filters may be deselected any time within the filter options, or by using the “X” button next to each filter description at the top of the search results page.


How are search results ranked?

Search results are ranked according to a mix of semantic tagging and text matching. Exact phrase matching, particularly in the title of a resource, will cause a result to be ranked highly.  By default, all content types are mixed in search results according to overall ranking. To improve the overall results mix, Patient Education handouts have been ranked much lower than other content types, but may still be directly accessed by using the format filter to filter for this content type.

When searching across all sites, are all search results limited to my subscription?

When you are signed in, or authenticated through your institution, search results will automatically be limited to resources within your subscription.

For searches across all sites, you may still view all resources available, subscribed or not, by toggling “All results” on bottom of the left side of the search results page.  If you are not signed in, or not authenticated through your institution, all search results available will display by default.

Are Boolean operators supported?

When running a search, the search algorithm uses an implied “AND” by default. This “AND” operation is in place to increase search relevancy. For example, a search for abdominal pain without this implied “AND” would return results including “abdominal” or “pain”, leading to many irrelevant results. As a result, this search engine does not support Boolean searching with “NOT” or “OR.” The search engine does support, however, exact phrase searching.

Where is Advanced Search?

All options formerly in Advanced Search are now part of our normal search results page. The option to search by Title, Author, or ISBN, is now available within the query builder on the left side of the search results page. You also have the ability to filter by content format, textbook, and topic using the filter options listed below the query builder.

How do I report an issue or provide feedback on search?

If you’re experiencing any technical difficulties with search, such as encountering an error page, visual bugs, unresponsive controls, or any other issues, please contact our Platform Support Team via their web form. If you have any feedback about search in general or suggestions for improvement, please use our online feedback form.